About The Academy

The East Bay Guitar Academy is dedicated to turning your guitar dreams into a reality.

Why Lessons?

Lessons are a perfect way to stay motivated, inspired, and organized. No second guessing which online tutorials to watch next. No more searching for your own learning materials. Your teacher will be happy to organize a curriculum designed around your needs and wants.

What We Teach

Whether you or your child want to start from scratch, learn that song you’ve been dying to learn, or become a virtuoso, Robert is dedicated to making your guitar dreams come true. Classical, Flamenco, Rock, Blues, Jazz, or Space-Age jams; we got you covered.


Suzuki Method

A wonderfully organized and thought-out curriculum designed by Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki. The method uses the “mother-tongue” approach that teaches students through Parent Involvement, Early Beginning, Listening, Repetition, Encouragement, Delayed Reading, and Graded Repertoire.