Still unsure about lessons? Want to read what real-life humans have think?

“He is great with engaging young kids and making them enjoy playing the guitar.”

-Nihan O., Oakland

“Robert is great! What we like the most is that our son actually wants to go. Robert has a natural, yet professional way with kids. It's just casual enough to be fun. Highly recommend.”

-Jina H., Oakland

“Robert in a great teacher and incredibly patient. His approach to teaching is innovative and exciting and I have learned a lot in a short period of time. Robert is flexible and work's around his student's needs. Highly recommended!”

-Hannah P., Martinez

“Robert is an amazing instructor. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have found him for lessons. I would give him more than 5 stars if I could.”

-Ryan J., Oakland

“Rob has been teaching my 8-year-old son for the past year and a half. My son loves him. Not only is Rob is very patient, but he also jokes around with my son at his level. I really appreciate that when my son has trouble with something, Rob takes the time to talk about the difficulty, listening carefully to what's going on and explaining his perspective. I highly recommend him.”

-Luis G., Piedmont

“My goal is to improve my playing technique and comfort, and build a repertoire after many years of being away from classical guitar. Robert is quick to observe what I've been missing (and messing up on!) and has me on a practice and playing path where I know there's hope. He has a teaching plan and structured approach which is essential for students like me to improve. I'm extremely happy with my experience and anticipate many more years of study with Robert”

-Charlotte M., Orinda

“I contacted Robert as he is one of the few guitar instructors that I found willing to work with my 3 1/2 y.o. boy. Through the communication process, I ended up wanting to learn guitar myself, and it has so far been a great experience. He's very understanding of our little guy and has been an excellent instructor to for this beginner student. He also gets my little guy even more excited about guitar lessons.”

-Bunyada K., Pinole

“I've always loved the sound of classical guitar, and about a year ago a neighbor was selling a used guitar, which I bought. Then I turned to Thumbtack to find myself a teacher. Got several responses, but chose Robert because of his very personalized message where he stated he loves to work with total beginners. Though I have some musical background, I have never played any type of stringed instrument. I've been taking lessons for almost 1 year now and am thrilled with the progress I've made. Robert is an extremely patient and encouraging teacher. Sometimes when he introduces a new technique I have a deer in the headlights look and think that there's no way that is humanly possible. BUT, he's then able to break things down into manageable pieces and before long, what do you know, the impossible is suddenly possible. Whether you're a total beginner, or already have some guitar skills, I highly recommend Robert as a teacher. You won't be disappointed. Wishing you a happy musical journey.”

-Ilana P., Berkeley

“Both I and my three-year-old son have been taking guitar lessons with Robert for a year now, and we have both been consistently impressed with Robert's talent as a guitarist and a teacher. With my son he does an amazing job of translating concepts and tasks to his level, while keeping everything fun and engaging. My son loves his lessons, and he is beginning to be able to pluck a multi-note sequence. With me, Robert is fun, engaging, and a phenomenal teacher. I enjoy the lesson, and I've improved considerably over the course of the year, going from from not really knowing how to hold a guitar to being able to play a number of pieces of increasing difficulty. I would recommend Robert both to an adult interested in picking up the guitar as well as anyone with a child who has an interest.”

-Peter H., Albany

“Robert is a dedicated and skilled teacher, and a pleasure to work with. After trying out a few different instructors in the Bay Area and not being satisfied, I feel really fortunate to have found him.”

-Frank P., Oakland

“Robert knows classical guitar and adapts his teaching style to his student's knowledge/abilities. You can't go wrong selecting him as a teacher for yourself or your child.”

-Ben B., Kensington

“Robert has taken me from a pure beginner at classical guitar a year ago, to being able to not only play several interesting pieces, but also understand technical aspects, how to learn, and how to practice. He is patient, and yet pushes for improvement. He is easy to work with.”

-Alex P., Santa Clara

“Robert is the perfect combination of personable, knowledgeable, entertaining and patient… He works with my seven-year-old and 11-year-old, and has progressed them more than I could have possibly imagined ...”

-Summer D., Oakland

“Robert is an excellent and fun teacher. He teaches seriously and the lessons are also a pleasure. As a student, I feel challenged and supported as I progress. He's keenly attentive and responds thoughtfully and knowledgeably to technical and musical questions that come up. Furthermore, his incredible skill and knowledge as a musician bring a depth and range to the lessons. I've progressed extremely quickly and feel Robert's teaching methodology and personal approach are the reason for this. I recommend Robert to anyone who wants to play guitar well and feel confident as a musician.”

-Gabi K., Berkeley

“Our 12-yer old son started working with Robert as a novice, and has been very happy with the whole experience. Robert is patient with kids, takes the time to know his student, and introduces his craft at a pace that suits each student. Our son loves his class, and we are very satisfied customers.”

-Manish B., Santa Clara

“Robert is an excellent teacher. He has a way of breaking everything down into the smallest building blocks until you've develop an intuition you never had. And suddenly you've gone from illiterate on the guitar to seeing your way forward. I would highly recommend taking lessons with Robert, you cant regret it and it's lightyears better than trying to self-teach.”

-Yaman S., Oakland